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A Map of British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto
Date: 1733
Publisher: Engraved by W[illiam] H[enry] Toms, [London, 1733].
Cartographer: Popple, Henry
Scale: none given
Size: 43 cm x 42 cm
Type of Map: general
Format: photostat, white on black
Language: English
AC Number: 01522
Photo Media: -- None Listed --

A Map of British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto Image:
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Covers North America as far north as Hudson's Bay and as far west as the Rio Grande, Central America, part of the northern coast of South America, and islands in the Caribbean. Shows lakes, rivers, mountainous and forested areas, colonies, provinces, towns, settlements, forts, missions, presidios, and Indian tribes. Insets: 1) Falls of Niagra, 2) Mexico [City], 3) Quebec, 4) New York [City], 5) Placentia, 6) Annapolis Royal, 7) Boston, 8) New York, 9) Charles Town, 10) Bermuda, 11) San Augustine, 12) Providence, 13) Havana, 14) San Jago, 15) Kingston, 16) Port Antonio, 17) Port Royal in Martinica, 18) Barbadoes, 19) Antigua, 20) Cartegene, 21) Porto Bello. There are engravings of ships in the ocean and of natives surrounding the cartouche. This map is a photostat. Map 6280 is an original copy of the map, showing a Spanish ship route as the only notable difference. Enlarged sections of this map can be found in Popple's Atlas of America, 1733, by Henry Popple. See map 7041 for the Archive's copy of the atlas. 6/3/83

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