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Map of Texas
Date: 1841
Publisher: Arrowsmith, John, London, April 17, 1841. Compiled from surveys recorded in the Land Office of Texas and other official surveys.
Cartographer: Arrowsmith, John
Scale: 1/2 inch = 22 miles
Size: 61 cm x 51 cm
Type of Map: general
Format: color, engraved, lithographed, printed
Language: English
AC Number: 01647
Photo Media: 4x5 b&w neg. and 4x5 col. trans., photo no. 1996/1-11-1
File Size: 24.78 MB

Map of Texas Image:

Shows rivers, creeks, mountainous and forested areas, counties, cities, towns, General Land Office surveyor's districts; routes and trails--including the old San Antonio Road, Indian trails, and military routes; forts, camps, and Indian tribes and villages. There are notes regarding wildlife, topography, and historical incidents. Part of the United States, later known as the Indian Territory, and northern Mexico are also shown. Insets: 1) [Southwestern United States and Mexico], 2) Plan of Galveston Bay from a M.S.. (Reprint copy contains a biography of John Arrowsmith.) Two copies, an original edition and a reprint. This map is also available on microfilm, see the Streeter History of Texas Collection, reel 29, 1373. Map 7584 is a photograph of an 1843 edition of this map. This map can also be found in Texas: the Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the Republic of Texas, by William Kennedy, vol. 1, London, 1841, frontispiece. 3/19/84 Revised 10/23/97

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