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Map of Texas and Parts of Adjoining Territories
Date: 1900
Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1900. Compiled under the direction of Robert T. Hill.
Cartographer: Seldon, Henry S. and Willard D. Johnson
Scale: 1 inch = 25 miles
Size: 79 cm x 87 cm
Type of Map: topographic
Format: color, engraved, lithographed, printed
Language: English
AC Number: 01753
Photo Media: -- None Listed --

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Covers Texas, and parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the Indian Territory. Shows rivers, creeks, mountainous areas, contour lines, counties, cities, towns, railroads, and the location of Indian tribes in the Indian Territory. Contour interval is 250 feet. This map appears in Topographic Atlas of the United States, Physical Geography of the Texas Region, by Robert T. Hill (U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1900), sheet XI. Other items found in this atlas are descriptive text, pages 1-12; illustrations of topographic forms, sheets I-V; maps showing types of plains and scarps, sheets VII-IX; and maps showing types of rivers and canyons, sheet X. A single copy of this map, sheet XI, also exists as an unbound map, no. 1006. Another copy of this atlas is map 7054. An earlier copy of the map is map 7668. 4/12/84 Revised 3/30/00

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