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Boundary between Texas and United States Plan C, part 3rd
Date: 1841
Publisher: -- None Listed --
Cartographer: -- None Listed --
Scale: none given
Size: 82 cm x 49 cm
Type of Map: boundary
Format: black & white, manuscript
Language: English
AC Number: 02821
Photo Media: -- None Listed --
File Size: 106.40 MB

Boundary between Texas and United States Plan C, part 3rd Image:

Subtitle: This plan represents that portion of the boundary between the Republic of Texas and the United States, included between the 72nd mile mound and the Red River, as marked by the Joint Commission during the year 1841, conformably to the 1st Article of the Convention concluded at Washington on the 25th April 1838... Shows township lines, mile mounds, roads, creek crossings, hills, Colonel Kearney's camp, and land owners along the boundary. This map is part of the Oklahoma vs. Texas Boundary Dispute Records, Attorney General, RG 302, defendent's document exhibit 49b-5. Further materials may be found in the finding aid. 11/14/83

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