Texas State Archives Map Collection

Sketch of battleground at San Jacinto
Date: 1836
Publisher: -- None Listed --
Cartographer: Hill, James M.
Scale: none given
Size: 15 cm x 24 cm
Type of Map: plan
Format: black & white, manuscript
Language: English
AC Number: 07674
Photo Media: 6x7 cm b&w neg., photo no. 1995/1-23-1

Sketch of battleground at San Jacinto Image:
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Manuscript map of the battlefield at San Jacinto, showing terrain, Buffalo Bayou, the position of the Texan and Mexican forces, calvary, cannons, breastworks, encampments, and Houston's line of march. Note: "This is a sketch from by recollection when we were there as I have not been on the ground since our Army left a few days after the battle." The original map is in the McArdle San Jacinto notebook. A photocopy is in the map collection for reference use. 8/25/95 Revised 11/14/97

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