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Source Material. 36th Infantry Division. 143rd R.C.T. 20 Nov. - 6 Dec. 1944
Date: 1944
Publisher: -- None Listed --
Cartographer: -- None Listed --
Scale: none given
Size: 52 cm x 108 cm
Type of Map: topographic
Format: color, engraved, lithographed, printed
Language: English
AC Number: 07970
Photo Media: -- None Listed --

Source Material. 36th Infantry Division. 143rd R.C.T. 20 Nov. - 6 Dec. 1944 Image:
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Covers parts of the Alsace and Lorraine regions of northeastern France and part of northwestern Germany. Shows cities, towns, larger buildings, churches, highways, railroads, creeks, rivers, canals, forests, and contour lines. Map is made from fragments of four maps taped together. Title card taped to face of map gives title and "Donated. Gen. Paul Adams; Texas State Library." Three empty envelopes taped to face of map: "Overlays 1a and 1aa, Enemy Situation, 20 Nov 1944," "Overlay 1b, Enemy Situations, 26 Nov - 3 Dec 1944," "Overlay 1c, Operations 2nd Bn. 143 RCT, while attached to the 142 RCT, and Expansion of debouchment of 143rd RCT into ALSATIAN Plain, 03 Dec - 7 Dec 1944." Annotated in black ink showing military placements and movements. "Enclosure no. 1, Operations 143rd RCT, 20 Nov - 7 Dec 1944" written on corner of reverse side in black ink. 2/21/01 (HR)

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