Search Strategies for the CCC drawings

While most people will not know a specific drawing number, if you know these numbers you can search for specific drawings by using this template: SP. (park number). (drawing number), such as - SP.22.56 (State Park. Bastrop State Park. Drawing 56).

Title searches

The drawings for each park were created independently of those from other parks and they do not employ standard headings. If you are searching the drawings by title, you need to search for broad and specific terms. For example:

Searching for furniture in a cabin - search terms: furniture, chair, table, table and bench combination, bed, chest, desk, etc.

Searching for drawings of the common building at most parks - a gathering place. This building is usually called the combination building or the refectory.

Searching for drawings of buildings - search terms: cabin, cottage, dwelling, helper's cottage or cabin, caretaker's cottage or cabin, bath house, etc. For sections of a building: kitchen, dining, bedroom, etc.

There was lodge built at one of the parks that is known by name - Indian Lodge at Davis Mountains State Park. In most of the drawings it is listed as Indian Village.

Many other drawings are present and it might be helpful to search under a park name to see the variety of drawings available. Drawings were made for the latrine or toilet facilities, bath houses, picnic tables, outdoor fireplaces, bridges, boat docks, roads, gates, cattle guards, water lines, electrical wiring, plantings, etc. Plot plans and maps of the park are also present.

Artist/draftsman/designer name searches

Most of the drawings will list the draftsman or the designer, sometimes both. In some, if not many cases, these were also the architects. The best way to search this field is by the last name, such as Bone - which will bring up entries for Bone; Bone, Norfleet; Bone, Norfleet G.; or Bone, N.G. In many cases, only initials were used to identify the draftsman/designer and we have not made any determination on the identity of those initials. A search for B., N.G. or N.G.B. could bring up additional drawings by Bone.

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Page last modified: April 15, 2016