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How to Search the Database

The Republic Claims Database can be searched by using one of two options: Search by Name and Search by Keyword. The results from either option will provide the same elements of information and the elements are described in the Understanding the Search Results section.

The Search by Name page allows a variety of searches and options. To search by name, enter the last and first names in the search boxes. You may also search by a first or last name, allowing greater flexibility.

Three search types are available in the Search Options box. Select from Begins Like, Exactly, and Find Any. Results of a name search on Berry, W using each option, are given below.

Begins Like: 20 records found, including Berryhill, William M.; Berryman, Wesley; Berryhill, W. M. All records begin with Berry in the Last Name field and W in the First Name. Exactly: no records found. There are no records for a Berry with a first name of W. Searchers should also be aware that the use of a period will also effect results. Find any: 78 records found, including Berry, Andrew Jackson; De Berry, A. W.; Berry, John W.; Castleberry, W. H.; Faulkenberry, E. W. Notice that each contains the string berry somewhere in the last name and the letter w in the first or middle name.

The Search by Keyword option allows searchers to conduct the broadest search. Enter a word or sequence of letters and all name fields will be searched. For example, a search on the word berry will find all first and last names that contain the combined letters berry in the first or last name fields.

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Understanding the Search Results

The results of a search for the last name Crockett with the Search by Name option page, using search type Begins Like, are stated and described as:

Showing results for Claimants and Name Mentioned
A total of 51 records were found for Last name: Crockett
Claimants and Name Mentioned: (51) | Name mentioned: (19)

Records are reported in nine columns and arranged alphabetically by Claimant Name. Each column is described below.

Claimant Name: the name on the voucher or record file.

Type: AU (Audited), PE (Pension), PD (Public Debt), or UN (Unpaid).

Claim Number: number assigned the voucher or any of the following:

Unnumbered xx indicates voucher with the control number is missing, torn or illegible.

Cert. xx indicates the file does not include a Public Debt voucher. The voucher may be the only document missing, or the certificate and its associated documents may have been part of a larger claim covered by a single voucher in another, unknown person's name.

Wrapper x indicates the only record in the file is a piece of paper with the person's name on it and an unidentified file number.

Reel: microfilm reel where the information is located. This number is needed to order the microfilm. If you prefer not to use microfilm, simply click on the icon in the Images column. The image in PDF format was taken from the microfilm. Please Note: Items with a reel number of 999 have not been microfilmed. Only the electronic images of these files, as seen on this Web site, are available.

First: the first frame in the record. If this is also the first time that the claimant's name is mentioned, the first frame contains the target index page that sets off the claimant's claim from those just before.

Last: the last frame in the record.

Images: clickable icon that links to digital images of the claim file.

ID: the database identification number that is generally used by staff.

When the Claimant Name is the same as that in the Name Mentioned column, the complete claim is provided in the Images column. When the names do not match, the first and last frame numbers indicate only the first and last time that the Name Mentioned name occurs in the record. The Name Mentioned may appear on any or all other frames between the First and Last frames. There is always a separate entry for just the claimant name for the same claim record and that First and Last frame number entry indicates the beginning and ending frames for the entire claim, whether the claimant's name appears on each frame or not.

In a Public Debt Claim covering a large number of claimants, the record often begins with a master listing of persons involved in the claim. This listing is followed by the certificates arranged, as far as possible, in the same order as the master list. Affidavits, supporting matter, powers of attorney, etc. pertaining to one individual all precede that person's certificate. Since one person on the master list might also serve as a witness to verify the service of any other person on the same list, his name could be scattered over more than a hundred frames.

When a Public Debt claim is so large that it is filmed on two reels, the search results will list the information for the two reels separately.

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Tips for Searches

The records have been indexed to reflect the way the name appears on a document, whatever its true spelling. There are a few exceptions for prominent individuals, such as Stephen Fuller Austin, who often used S. F. Austin.

If you are looking for Horace Arlington Alsbury, you will find that his name is spelled in a number of ways. According to the New Handbook of Texas, "Horace (Horatio, Horacio) Arlington (Alex, Alexander) Alsbury (Alsberry, Allsbury; variant spellings occur in the surname of related Alsburys)." His name appears on various claims as:


Allsbery, H. A.
Allsberry, Horatio A.
Allsbury, H. A.
Allsbury, Horatio
Allsbury, Horatio A.
Allsbury (Doctor)
Alsberry, H. A.
Alsberry, Horatio A.
Alsbury (Capt.)
Alsbury (Doctor)
Alsbury, H. A.
Alsbury, H. A. (Maj.)
Alsbury, Horatio A.
Alsbury, Horatio Alex
Alsbury, Horatious
Aylesbury, Horace


You need to check all of these surname variations to get a complete record of the information available on H. A. Alsbury.

Some claims are issued to persons with no surnames; for example, Castro (Chief of the Lipans) or Jerry ("free boy"). Some claims, too, are awarded to an entity rather than a person, for example "Civilian & Galveston Gazette (newspaper)," and "Correo (Steamer)." Where a name was only partially legible, the legible portion of the name is provided and a guess at the missing letters added, enclosed in brackets.

Do not expect to find any or all of the references to an individual if you search for only one, very specific version of a name.

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Digital Images

Digital images of the claims documents are available to be viewed online. Click on the icon in the Images column. The next screen will provide a clickable link to one or more sets of images. Once a set has been selected, one or more file format icons will be available. Click on the file format icon to view a larger image. There is always an option to view full-sized images in PDF format.

In order to view a PDF document you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded onto your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher will give best results. You can  download it for free from the Adobe site.

If you have problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the  Adobe Web site for help. There you can find instructions for configuring browsers, troubleshooting printer problems, and other issues related to Adobe Acrobat.

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Issues with Image Quality

During both microfilming and digitization, every effort was made to obtain the best possible image. During the microfilming, all images were checked by human eyes, not just by machine. During digitization, the documents were created at a size of 300 dpi (dots per inch) in order to show all of the detail that is visible in the microfilm. In spite of these efforts, there were cases in which the original documents were so faded that you may find that there are details that are not readable even under magnification.

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How to Borrow or View the Microfilm

Some users may prefer to view the microfilm rather than the digital images. If so, once you have determined which reels of microfilm contain the files you wish to view, contact your local library to arrange an interlibrary loan. Please Note: Items with a reel number of 999 have not been microfilmed. Only the electronic images of these files, as seen on this Web site, are available.

When requesting film, provide your library with the reel numbers you wish to borrow. Specific regulations for interlibrary loan vary by individual library, so call or visit your local library for details.

The microfilm reels are also available to be viewed on-site at 1201 Brazos in Austin, Texas.

Page last modified: February 12, 2013