Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 3, 1842

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 3, 1842

the language of the protocol fixing Aug 1. for the

exchange of ratifications, Lord Aberdeen enter-

tained some doubt whether it can be properly

made at an earlier date. He informed me that

any subjects might be presented at once to the

notice of her Majestys [sic] government, and that

they would receive immediate and appropri-

ate consideration.

I then notified Lord Aberdeen that the

Ports of Mexico were held in efficient blockade by

Texas and mentioned the strength of the blocka-

ding force. Lord Aberdeen assured me that the

legality of an efficient blockade of the Mexicans [sic]

ports by Texas will be recognized by the British

Government. He expressed his regret at the

blockade as being likely to interfere with English

commerce, and as likely to produce misunder-

standing however carefully conducted.

He complained that the notice for Europe is too

short. He said notice of the Blockade

would be given in the Gazette. In the Times news-

paper, the following morning, the Proclamation

of his Excellency President Houston declaring the

Blockade was published officially.

I called Lord Aberdeen’s attention to the

fact that two War steamers were building for Mexico in her

Majesty’s ports to be employed ag-

ainst Texas; and apprised him that I should

present a protest against their being manned

and equipped for war here. He waived ad-

mitting the correctness of this fact, and said

he did not know whether any vessels were

building for the Mexicans or not—but suppo-

sing such to be the case, he intimated his

answer might be that Texas was free to do

the same—and that both Mexico and Texas

would perhaps be permitted to purchase or

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 3, 1842. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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