Joseph Crawford to Sam Houston, June 7, 1837

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Joseph Crawford to Sam Houston, June 1837

And it has occurred to me, that the introduction of a Bill

for the Registration of Slavs [sic], would be a check in the

mean time to the accursed traffic carrying on clandestinely

from Cuba into Texas, & could you not have such a Bill

Passed? for then every man[‘]s slaves might be mustered

occasionally by the local authorities, so that no new blacks

could be introduced without the knowledge of Government[.]

I have stated that a Commissioner is to be sent to

England immediately. Who is to go, and when? for I

have not been able to learn that any body is appointed[.]

The sooner he goes the better, for the sooner you’ll get

your Bonds disposed of. This Country can do nothing

for some time to come in arranging a loan for you &

they’ll have to go to London at last[.] Along with the

Commissioner to the Brit. Govt should go the Commissioners

to dispose of the Bonds, that is my opinion, and you will

I hope excuse me for venturing it so boldly[.]

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Joseph Crawford to Sam Houston, June 7, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1169, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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