Kenneth L. Anderson to Sam Houston, May 1842

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Kenneth L. Anderson to Sam Houston, May 1842


San Augustine

May 8th 1842

To Genl Houston

Dear Sir

I intended to have

written you long since in conformity

with the promise made you but have had

nothing that could posably [sic] be of Intrust [interest][.]

We have nothing at this point from

the United States & nothing from beyond

Crockett. We have many reports from

the West & South said to have Came [sic] through

verry [sic] respectable Gentlemen who were

traveling etc. I have pleasure in

assuring you my dear Sir that

the Credit given them by the citizens is

not sufficient to Compensate the im-

porters much less the little retailers

at this miserable species of [traffic?]

first we are told that the Govt is being

administered at the City of Houston by the

President & at Austin by the Vice-Presi-

dent[,] that the President in violation

of all his declarations to the Contrary

is useing [sic] freely the Public Treasury &

that in the absence of all law authorizing

the Same & in oposition [sic] to the salum [solemn]

protest of the Secy of the Treasy

that he has resolved to invade Mexico

without without [sic] the Sanction of

Congress as Circumstances may

make necessary[,] that he spends his

time between the Cities of Houston &

Galveston purfectly [sic] abandoned to

disipation [sic][,] that that [sic] familier [sic]

with the true Condition of affairs

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Kenneth L. Anderson to Sam Houston, May 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2480, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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