Sam Houston to James Pinckney Henderson, February 21, 1844

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Washington, Texas, 21st Feb’y, 1844.

Dear Sir,

The waters are so high that the Secretary

of State can’t get into town. Consider, therefore

that you and Van Zandt have all the need-

ful powers to conclude the treaty of annexa-

tion or alliance with the Government of

the United States, on just and reciprocal prin-

ciples between the contracting parties—thereby

fully securing the interest of Texas as an

integral part of the United States, as a State

or Territory, and the individual rights and

privileges of its citizens, without innova-

tion upon our fundamental institutions.

I am thine truly,

(signed) Sam Houston.


Gen. James Pinckney Henderson.

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Sam Houston to James Pinckney Henderson, February 21, 1844. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3366, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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