Anson Jones to Clark L. Owen, August 23, 1845

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Anson Jones to Clark L. Owen, August 1845

in the volunteer service of Texas, which I hope

it will suit your feelings and convenience

to accept. Instructions are furn-

ished with the Commission. Should

you conclude to accept and discharge

the duties of this appointment

I leave the manner of carrying

out your instructions to your sound

discretion. You are much nearer

the scene for action than we are

here, and will be governed by cir-

cumstances. I do not wish any

movement made unless upon the

most reliable proof that there is

an actual invasion of the country

made or about to be made

or upon a request from Gen. Tay-

lor. In either of the above events

you will act promptly — but not

otherwise. In the mean time there

need be neither alarm nor excitem-

ent among the people. I should

wish strict discipline enforced and

none enrolled except those who

are willing to be subordinate in

all respects to the officers in


As I have before stated

I do not seriously apprehend a

present invasion on the part of

Mexico. But should such an

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Anson Jones to Clark L. Owen, August 23, 1844. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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