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Q: Was Texas annexed to the United States by one vote?

A number of votes were needed before Texas could be annexed to the United States. The "one vote" admission story is based on the February 27, 1845 vote in the United States Senate on the Joint Resolution to admit Texas. The original vote in the Senate was a tie at 26-26. Senator Henry Johnson of Louisiana changed his vote, allowing the measure to pass 27-25. Thus, it can be said with some justification that Texas annexation was the result of a single vote.

Here are the totals for the other votes that were necessary for Texas to be admitted to the Union:

February 28, 1845 - The United States House of Representatives passes the Senate version of the Joint Resolution, 132-76.

July 4, 1845 - Texas Annexation convention votes to accept the United States offer, 55-1.

October 13, 1845 - Texas voters approve annexation, 7664-430.

December 16, 1845 - U.S. House votes to admit Texas, 141-58 (21 abstaining).

December 22, 1845 - U.S. Senate votes to admit Texas, 31-14 (7 abstaining).

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