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Ross Sterling to J.W. Blake, July 11, 1928

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Ross Sterling to J.W. Blake, July 1928July 11, 1928

Mr. J. W. Blake
1218 Second National Bank Bldg
Houston, Texas.

Dear Mr. Blake:

I have your letter of July 7th with various
letters enclosed.

I note what you say regarding our Bridge
Engineer, Mr. Wickline, and for your information, Mr.
Blake, Mr. Wickline is one of the best bridge engineers
in America and if he has made any criticism of the
material furnished by the American Creosote Works,
I am sure it is well founded and it will be absolutely
up to the American Creosote Works to satisfy Mr.
Wickline.  that they are following the specificayions [sic]
as laid down by the Highway Engineer.  If I didn’t
know Mr. Wickline so well I probably would think differ-
ently of the complaint filed against hi,.[sic]

I am returning herewith the letters enclosed
in your letter.

Yours very truly,

R. S. Sterling, Chairman

State Highway Commission

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Ross Sterling to J.W. Blake, July 11, 1928. State Highway Commissioners correspondence, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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