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J. L Dickson to Dewitt Greer, July 16, 1943

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J.L. Dickson to Dewitt Greer, July 1943INTEROFFICE  MEMORANDUM

TO:  Mr. Greer

FROM:   J. L. Dickson

SUBJECT:  Loop 13
 Bexar County

Date  July 14, 1943

Responsible Desk  ______D-8___________   

Reference is made to your’s of July 13th. wherein you express a de-
sire for some sort of a road along the route of Loop 13 between Fratt
and U. S. 90 east.

Back in the early days, the purpose of this section of the By-pass to
the east around San Antonio was to permit traffic to or from U. S. 81
North to avoid congested City Streets.  Since that time, the picture has
somewhat changed due to the impetus given development of roads serving
the military establishments in and around San Antonio.

Accordingly, it appears to the writer that the introduction of these
military roads will largely control flow of civilian traffic, and that
it would be a serious mistake for any part of Loop 13 to fail to serve
this movement.

Therefore, I believe the routing of the section of Loop 13 between U. S.
90 East and U. S. 81 North should be revised so as to swing northwestward
after crossing the T & N O; crossing the M.K.T. south of Remount; cross-
ing the Rittiman Road near it’s [sic] junction with the old W. W. White Road;
and continuing northwesterly along the north bank of Salado Creek, to a
junction with U. S. 81 North.  And, that a connection should be made along
the Rittiman Road to the Camp Bullis Road, a distance of about one mile.

I would make this recommendation even if all the right of way on the origin-
nal route had been purchased and we had to reimburse Bexar County for it’s [sic]
cost.  I believe the revised route, including a separation with the M.K.T.
if so desired, will cost some less than the original plus the connection
proposed along the Zuercher Road between U. S. 81 North and the Camp Bullis

Sound reasonable?

Initialed [handwritten] JLD

[Handwritten note: No, not sufficient to lead
me to recommend a complete "about face"
at this stage of the game.

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J.L. Dickson to Dewitt Greer, July 16, 1943. Bexar County, Proposed designation of U.S. 81 north of San Antonio, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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