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Military Reservations Map with Highway Department Modifications, April 29, 1943

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Military Reservations map with highway progress modifications, 1943Section C
From Military Loop to South Boundary of Camp Bullis – 7.6 Miles.
Gr., Strs., & Base constructed as County Sponsored-WPA project.
County’s participation as sponsor - $2,985.59.  Asphalt surface
financed with Access Funds.  This section complete and ready
for maintenance.  Now being maintained using Federal funds

Section B
0.4 Miles South of Rittman Road to Camp Bullis
Road – Gr. Strs., Base, Gr. Separations and
Asphalt Surface financed with Access funds.
This section now under construction complete. Length – 7.1 Mi.

Section A
Ft. Sam Houston to 0.4 Mi.S. of Zercher
Road – 3.79 Miles. Gr. & Strs. (Includ-
ing Base on North 1.75 Miles) constructed
as Co.-Sponsored-WPA project.  County’s
participation as sponsor - $1,224.69.
Surfacing over all financed with Access
Funds – Complete.  on south 2.04 miles and
under way on north 1.75.

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Military Reservations Map with Highway Department modifications, April 29, 1943. Bexar County project files, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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