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Minutes of the Texas Good Roads Association, Legislative Commmittee, August 17, 1916

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Texas Good Roads Assocation meeting, August 191649

CHAIRMAN WARREN:  Let me use an illurtration [sic] from my
own personal experience.  I have got a Packard and I was run-
ning up the mileage day before yesterday on my car.  I have
used that car since February a little less than five thousand
miles.  Mr. Colp knows that I have got a little Reo there
that I bob around in that I bought in April that has already
traveled nine thousand miles.  I have got a Dodge that covered
seventeen thousand miles last year.  Now, there is the differ-
ence in the realtive [sic] number of miles of the way I use my cars.

MR. WADE:  I see the force of that statement, let us
look at it from this view point, the more valuable the car, the
more anxious you are to have good roads to travel over.


MR. WADE:  So my conclusion is the more you ought to
be willing to pay for it.

MR. CALDWELL:  You pay more for gasoline when you use
a good car.

MR. WADE:  I believe the Senator has a big car.

MR. CALDWELL:  We have a Buick and ran five thousand
miles since the first of June.

MR. COLP:  This is canpaign [sic] year – you won’t do that
any more.

MR. WADE:  That amount of roads and the kind of good
roads that will be built in the next five years in Texas if this
does, as we hope it will, will encourage the buying of a better
class of cars.  People buy Fords and the cheaper class of cars
because that is the only class they can afford to have and get
around in.

MR. TILLOTSON:  If you are legislating for the future
that probably would hold but if you figure just now, the big
cars stay on the hard surface roads and do not get out in the
general highways, as they are now constructed.  I accepted the

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Minutes of the Texas Good Roads Association, Legislative Commmittee, August 17, 1916. Texas Good Roads Association, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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