Native American Relations in Texas

P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, 1837

NOTE: To enhance the readability of this transcription, the transcriber did not add the traditional notation of [sic] after each misspelling.

Samuel Houston
His Excellency

Beans farm May the 6th 1837

Dear Sir

[T]hree days sense Colonel
Boles [Bowl] arrive[d] home from his mision
in the perrarys [prairies][.] [H]e sais that the
ceechis [?] an[d] Cadaios wishes to be friendly[.]
But the first Band of Comanches that
he met set [sat] and lisined to him but
maid no answer But said they ought
to kill him but did not make the
atampt But that night Packed up and
went of [off] and lift him and his men alone[.]
[H]e then went on to another Band and
when he came thare they scard [scared] him
much after the same manor the first
did[.] [T]hen he went on to a 3d Band[.] [H]e
said that the Chief treated him some better
after some talk[.] [H]e smoked with him
and said it was a good mision that he
was on to make peas [peace] But he could
not make peas [peace] with the Amarcans nor
the Maxicans the Amaricans Becaus that
they ware a coming in and killing his
Buffalo and that the would starve him
and how can I make peas [peace] with

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1047, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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