Native American Relations in Texas

Bowl to Sam Houston, August 16, 1836

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Bowl to Sam Houston, 1836

August 16th, 1836

Dear Brother I have had the pleasure
of receiving your letter which is great
satisfaction to us[.] [W]e would have been in
to have seen you long ago if we had of
_____ [known?] you had of been in [N]acogdoches but
we dare not to believe what we hear
for if were [we’re] to listen to half the tales that
we hear we would _____ [?] in an unhappy
situation for we have heard that we must
all be killed right or [w]rong both by white and red[.]
[O]ur brother shawnees have given me great
charge not to travel the road for fear [of] being
waylaid and killed[.] [A]lso has been stated

[illegible line]

_____ [?] and was [to] be put to death
because he was [w]riting [?] and said to be our
friends therefore he was no better than
us[.] [But Dear Brother I will not bother
your head with this altho I was afeared
that their [sic] might be some trough [truth]
in it but [I am] hoping that we will
all have an opportunity of conversing
face to face with you which [when]
the conversation will be of some lenth [length][.]
So we will closs [close] it to day expecting
to have the honor of us all meeting to
converse with you and yours.

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Bowl to Sam Houston, August 16, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #507, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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