Native American Relations in Texas

David G. Burnet to M.B. Menard, March 19, 1836

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David G. Burnet to M.B. Menard, 1836


M.B. Menard Esqr


You have been selected as the
most suitable person to be found in Texas, for the
transaction of business that is equally important and
delicate. The government reposes an unlimited
confidence in your patriotism and intelligence
and are sensible that no other citizen is as fully
qualified as yourself to discharge the interesting
duties of your appointment.

It is a matter of great importance
to Secure the entire neutrality at least, of the
Indian tribes generally, and especially of Such
of them as have migrated from the north--your
experience in Indian affairs renders it very
desirable to have the benefit of Your agency
in effecting this object.

Accompanying this You will receive
Your commission and I hope
You will make it convenient to proceed
with all dispatch to the place of operations--
Your known familiarity with the peculiarities of the Indian char-
acter induces the government to invest You with
much discretionary power: But I must enjoin
it upon you to avoid with great caution entering
into any Specific treaty relating to boundaries,
that may compromit the interests of actual
settlers--It may very plausibly and justly be
represented to the Chiefs, that we are too
much occupied at this time, to negociate
positive treaties--the ample justice Shall
be rendered to them as Soon as the foreign
relations of the Country are adjusted on a
peaceable footing--and that lands ad-
equate for their wants will be fully granted
for their exclusive use.

You are authorized to draw on the
War Department for any Sum or Sums not exceeding
Two Thousand dollars--It is believed the

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David G. Burnet to M.B. Menard, March 19, 1836. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #9, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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