Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas J. Rusk to Chief Bowl, October 20, 1838

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Rusk to Chief Bowl, 1838

At The Forks of
The Road

20th Oct 1838

My Brother

I am just on my return
from the Kickapoo Town where I
went a few days a go with some of my
men to punish as I supposed the
Mexicans and Prairie Indians who had
commenced murdering our people &
stealing our property[.] [W]hen I arrived
there they came out and attacked
me and we killed several of their
men and drove them off and to
my astonishment found some Coshattas [sic]
amongst the dead.
[Insert] One of your men named Fail was also found dead on
the field but Goyens tells me he is an outlaw from your nation.
These Indians have
made Treaties with us and promised
to be our friends[.] [T]hey have a day or
two past murdered two families of
women and children[.] [F]or this they
deserve death and will assuredly meet
it[.] [T]hey cannot live in peace in this Country[.]
[O]ur property has been stolen & our
women and children murdered

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Thomas J. Rusk to Chief Bowl, October 20, 1838. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #839, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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