Native American Relations in Texas

W.H. Secrest to Sam Houston, March 1, 1837

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W.H. Secrest to Sam Houston, 1837

March the 1 1837

Mr President

Sir I am after my respects to you
under the painful necessity of informing
you that the Indians have committed severel
depredation on the Setelers of Millcreak and
Colorado they killed a dutchman by the name
of Fotran and two children and kild Roberson
our representative and his brother, they are
steelen and killen all our stock and
we cant help ourselves we are so few in number
that we cant leave our homes to rout them
I am here the same as both hands tied four women
to guard so that I can't get out to see about them
if you cant do something for us we are in a bad
situation and will no doubt be some of our women
and children massceed the next time you
here from us I have not seen any of them
myself but they come to see me and as I was
not at home took two horses shot one and
left untill the next time and I dont no how
long that may be for they are in the settlement
yet I can here of them even two or three days nothing
more but remain your most respectfuly

W. H. Secrest

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W.H. Secrest to Sam Houston, March 1, 1837. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #12, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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