Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,
October 7, 1844

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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,  October 1844

Minutes of a Grand Council held near the Falls
of the Brazos, between the Republic of Texas and the
Indians, commencing on Monday October the 7th 1844.

Present at the Council. -- His Excel-
lency, Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas;
Col J.C. Neill, Col Thos I Smith and Gen E Morehouse, Com-
missioners, Hon G.W. Hill, Secretary of War and Marine,
Hon G.W. Terrell Attorney General, Messrs. Sloat and Slater
Indian Agents and several visiting whites: Indians.

The Chiefs of the Comanches, Keechis, Wacos, Tawakonis,
Caddos, Ionis, Anadarkos, Cherokees, Delawares, Shawnees
and many of their Captains and warriors.

Interpreters Col L.H. Williams, Daniel G. Watson,
Jesse Chisholm, Luis Sanchez, Mexican, James Shaw and
John Conner, Delaware, and Vicente, a Caddo.

The Council was opened by smoking the pipe of Friend-
ship and peace, after which His Excellency, the President,
made the following remarks:

"We have met here to talk with the Chief of the Coman-
chesand the other Chiefs: if he or they wish to talk we will
hear them; if not I will talk and speak for myself and my chiefs."
The Indian Chiefs replied they would listen to him, and
His Excellency gave the following talk:

"To the Chiefs
of the Comanches and to all the Chiefs; We, the Chiefs of
the white people are very glad to see you. You are welcome
to our presence. We are glad that you are here. We have
been very far apart, and the path that led from your villages
to us has been a long and bloody one; the blood hath been taken
out of the path between the white people and many nations of the
Red people, we have now met to take away the blood from
the path of the Comanches and the white people.

Six years ago, I made a peace with the Comanches: that
peace was kept until a bad chief took my place. That Chief
made war on the Comanches and murdered them at San Anto-
nio; he made war, too, on the Cherokees, and drove them from the


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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos, October 7, 1844. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #75, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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