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Edwin W. Moore to the War Department, July 1842Testament of claim

27th July 1842


              His excellency the President has ordered a
blockade of the ports on the Gulf of Mexico, inclu-
ded in the accompanying Proclamation. It is
deemed expedient by him that an expedition be
immediately commenced, with the assistance of the
Steam Ship Merchant, against Tampico, or such
other ports of the enemy, as will completely paral-
ize [sic] the power of Mexico by sea, and secure such
contributions upon her commerce and her citizens,
as will fully remunerate our Government for the
expenses consequent upon the outfit and main-
tenance of our Navy, and as a co-operation with
our contemplated movements, by land, for which
purpose he has placed at your disposition the
sum of $18,812.74 cts (Ex. Bills)[.] The above sum is
supposed to be fully sufficient for the purposes con-
templated, the Department understanding clearly
from your estimate of the expense necessary for the
accomplishment of the object, that the hypothecation
of the above sum will enable you to do so.

              (here follow three paragraphs about the Ex. Bills)

              The first object will then be, that the Squadron
be fitted out for a cruize [sic] of four months, the
Steam Ship Merchant will co-operate with it,

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Edwin W. Moore to George W. Hockley, July 27, 1842. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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