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Report of Henry L. Thompson, August 1837Schooner of War Brutus
Galveston Bay 29th Aug. 1837.

The Honorable
Naval Department

              I have the honor of making
a brief report report [sic] relative to my cruise in
command of the Texian Fleet.

              I left this place After my return from carry-
ing the Schr Texas down to Matagorda on the 11th June[.]
After despatching [sic] a boat from the Brutus in charge of
a warrant officer with letters and despatches [sic] from
S. Rhoads Fisher Esq. The officer and boat having
returned on board at about 1 oclock in the morning
without any reply from shore, and my fleet lying to
ancher [sic] in an open Roadstead and much exposed
to the sea, I saw proper to get under way and stand
to sea. I proceeded on our cruise off the Balize
where we remained two days without success. We then shaped
our course for the Campeachy [Campeche] Banks, and for fear of
a separation of our small fleet Capt. Boylan and
myself agreed to make our rendezvous at the Island
of Mujeres, where we met and filled up our water.
During the time we despatched [sic] our boats to the Island
of Cankern [Cancun] where we supplied ourselves with Turtle that
benefitted [sic] us much  and saved our little stock of salt
provisions. Nothing of value was to be obtained. We then
bore away for the Island of Cazomel [Cozumel] which we found
to be one of the most desirable places in all the circle [?]
of my travels. We immediately after coming to an
ancher [sic], went on shore and took possession under a
salute of 23 guns, and with a hearty welcome by
the inhabitants on the seaboard.

              We surveyed the Island as well as

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Report of Henry L. Thompson, August 29, 1837. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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