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James Morgan to Sam Houston, May 1843against! And are determined not to war against any Power unless they
wish to. Did you ever hear of such a Confederated State? The fact
is, Yucatan is so situated, & Mexico so dependent on Yucatan, and
it is so totally impossible to subjugate it that the Yucatecos can dictate
their own terms! The Yucatecos have a very handsome fleet of Gun Boats
well equip’d & ____ [?]—fight well & keep the Mex steamers at a respect-
ful distance from shore water. We have made repeated attempts
to bring the Steamers & all the Mex. fleet to action but since the
thrashing we gave them on the 30th they are disposed to keep their distance
and out of our reach altogether. I learnt, yesterday, their red-
doutable steamers are hired, by the month, of an [E]nglish company, and
are to be return’d after a certain period, unless injured, in which event
they are to be paid for! This is one reason assigned by the Mexican
Commander for not going into Close Action with them! His order
is not to get them injured if he can help it!!

              We shall remain here a short time & then return home[.]
In the mean time I send this express in order that you may have no
uneasiness as to my own personal Safety or that of our vessels. Depend
on it, My Dear Genl, there shall be nothing done, while I have any
control that can in any wise sully the flag of our Country or compromise
the Govt in any way whatever. I shall seek an early personal interview with
you on my return, and will, I trust, be enabled to satisfy you that I have
been acting in a way to aid our adopted Country that I believ’d wou’d meet
your entire approbation. As for Com. Moore, he now knows & feels
this peculiar situation, and will go straight in future you may rely on
it. Did I not feel fully satisfied of this I would not have come
one inch this way—nor remain an hour longer. The vessels are Safe
and will return safely to Galveston within a few days.

              With my Kindest Salutations to Mrs Houston—hoping that as this [is written]
she is bles’d with an infants [sic] Smiles —and yourself a happy
father—I remain, My Dear Genl,  

Faithfully & truly
Yr friend
J Morgan

  His Excellency Genl Sam Houston.

  [text from left margin]

Please to write by the return express as the vessel that takes this is a fast sailing Pilot Boat & will not be gone over 15 days at fartherest—and
in case I leave before her return, your dispatch will go into safe hands—that shall be well arranged you may be assured of it.

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James Morgan to Sam Houston, May 10, 1843. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers # 3047, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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