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Monroe Edwards to Robert M. Williamson, May 24, 1832 - Page 2


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Monroe Edwards to Robert M. Williamson, 1832so much so that they are not allowed to
speak even to to [sic] any of their friends.

Repeated applications have been made to obtain
an interview with them but have invariably
proved ineffective. I have kept up a corrispondence [sic]
with them however [?] since their confinement untill to day
when a letter was delivered which they had
written to me. Happyly [sic] it is my correspondence
with them afirmed a ficticious move [?] and
by that means eluded immediate imprisonment.
An investigation is now going on and I am
strongly suspicious they can produce no evidence
against me but I have no doubt but I
I shall be a tenant of the Caliboso [jail] before 10
October arrives. It is the avowed purpose
of Bradburn to send those two young men
to Mattamoris [sic] immediately & for what!
____ [?] heaven [?] they have incurred the displeased
of a damned insignificant military despot
who without any evidence or any good grounds
for what they are suspected prosecutes them
for to the utmost of his power.

  I have made several vain attempts to arrouse [sic]
the feelings of the people of this place and
neighborhood in their behalf but am sorry
to say that there is not more than 5 persons
in this place that can be depended upon.
It is generally believed here that they will be
sent to Mattomoris [sic] in a very short time and
if their friends do not  releas [sic] them they must

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Monroe Edwards to Robert M. Williamson, May 24, 1832. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #111, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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