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Naval committee report, November 1835

  Mr. Perry from the Committee on
Naval Affairs, presented the following

              “Your Committee on Naval Affairs
to whom was refered [sic] so much of the
Governors message as relates to the granting
of “Letters of Marque and reprisal” have
had the same under consideration and
respectfully report.

              Your Committee are of opinion
that the same should be granted under
the following principles and restriction

1st        All persons applying for “Letters of Marque
and reprisal” should be men of known
Character, standing and skill as Naval
Tacticians and no license to cruise as
such should be granted to any vessel
under 80 Tons burthen or carry less than
4 twelve pound cannonades or their equiv-
alent in metal.

  2          All vessels so licensed should cruise
in the Gulf of Mexico and in no other
waters and should be permitted to
war upon, capture or make prize of
all vessels sailing under the flag and
under commission of the civil and Govern-
ment of Mexico and on no other.

  3          All prizes so captured should be
ordered or brought into the port of Texas,
and when there adjudicated and con-
demned as prizes to the capters [sic] by the
competent tribunal. There should be
retained out of the monies arising
from the sale of said prize or prizes twenty
five per cent for the use of Texas and

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Report of the Committee on Naval Affairs, November 18, 1835. Records of the Provisional Government, 1835-1836, Texas Secretary of State. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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