The Texas NavyReport of Surgeon Thomas P. Anderson, May 20, 1843

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Surgeon's report on the casualties on the Austin, May 10, 1843Extract of Surgeon Thos P. Anderson’[s] report of
Killed and Wounded on the Texian Sloop of War
Austin in the action off Campeche, May 18 / 43.  

“Wounded Dangerously

“Wounded Severely

John Norris, Seaman.

D.C. Wilber, 4th Lieut.

Dick Strachorst, Boy.

A.J. Bryant, Midshipman.

Bud Parnelo, 

Thomas Atkins, Seaman.

George Davis, Marine

Geo. Frier, Landsman.”

Owen Timothy, Landsman.

Asa Wheeler, Marine”

  John Norris, Seaman, had his left arm torn off
at the shoulder, but is now in a fair way
to recover[.] Thomas Barnet, Boy, also had
an arm torn off from the elbow, the bones
of the fore arm and elbow being so much
shattered as to require immediate amputation.
He is also rapidly recovering[.] Owen Timothy,
Landsman, had his left leg so badly shattered
as to require immediate amputation above
the knee, and is doing well.

  George Davis, Marine, had his left Leg
badly fractured and a part of his foot
torn off[.] He will probably recover without
the loss of his Leg[.] Mr. A.J. Bryant, Midn [Midshipman]
had a part of his right hand torn off, and
was severely wounded in the right thigh.
He is, I am happy to state, also doing well[.]

              Many of the wounded have already returned
to their  duty.”  

Very respectfully
Your obt. servt.
(signed) Thos P. Anderson
Surgeon T. N. [Texas Navy]

Sloop of War Austin
May 20th 1843.

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Report of Surgeon Thomas P. Anderson, May 20, 1843. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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