Plan for the Texas Penitentiary, August 15, 1848

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Plan of the Texas penitentiary, August 1848a. first entrance gate 10 feet wide, 11 feet in height. Double iron shutters.

b. second gate same size as first, and forty feet from it.

c. cells 6 feet by 8 feet inside: 8 feet high. Three stories or tiers.

d. open space around the cells 10 feet wide all round.

e. cooking house, 20 feet square<

f. pantry, 10 by 20 feet.

g. work shops for such prisoners 20 feet wide, supported on brick pillars.

h. washing, drying finishing and furniture houses, 40 feet wide.

i. main prison doors, iron open work.

k. [sic] open space for passage of wagons etc., 40 feet by 20 feet.

l. superintendent’s rooms 20 feet square: entrance from the street

m. superintendent’s kitchen; entrance from alley p.

n. store room 20 by 30; may be used for an arsenal; entrance from alley.

o. hospital for convicts 20 by 30 feet, store house

p. covered alley 10 feet wide, 40 long.

q. prison well

r. clerk’s office and business room, closed in with lattice work.

s. cistern

t. work shops for female prisoners.

A. Male prisons.

B. Female prison.

h. Hospital

Main wall 300 feet east and west; and 328 feet north
and south. Three feet thick and fifteen feet high.
Front looking north upon Lamar Street
Foundations of rock, superstructure hard brick.

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Plan for the Texas Penitentiary, August 15, 1848. Correspondence Concerning the Penitentiary, Records Relating to the Penitentiary, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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