Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

Excerpt from Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Penitentiary Board, November 12, 1903

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Penitentiary Board minutes, November 1903

The following contracts for convict labor were approved by
the Board and signed in open session: T.P. Barry, agent, 60 1st-class
negroes; John D. Rogers, 50 1st-class negroes; Tom Peoples, 50 1st-class
whites and Mexicans; C.W. Riddick, 50 1st-class negroes; Edwin Wilson,
50 1st-class negroes; Dyer & Bertrand, 50 1st-class negroes; T.W.
House, 60 1st-class negroes; W.T. Watt, 50 1st-class negroes; E.H.
Cunningham & Co., 200 1st-class negroes; C.G. Ellis, 125 1st-class ne-
groes; W.L. Steele, 50 1st-class negroes; M.H. Turner, 75 1st-class
whites and Mexicans; H.D. Lindsey Land & Cattle Co., 75 1st-class
whites and Mexicans; W.J. Terrell and G.W. Harrington, 50 1st-class
negroes; Mrs. D. Eastham, 125 2nd-class whites and Mexicans; W.W.
Watts, 50 1st-class negroes; A.P. Borden, Executor, 50 1st-class ne-
groes; Roach & Hughes, 75 1st-class negroes.

There being no further business on hand, the Board adjourn-
ed sine die.

APPROVED: L.M. Openheimer                                                                              Chairman.

ATTEST:        N.A. Cravens


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Excerpt from minutes of the regular meeting of the Penitentiary Board, November 12, 1903. Board of Criminal Justice minutes and meeting files, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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