Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

Committee Report on Investigation of Penitentiary, 1947

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Committee Report on Investigation of Penitentiaries, 1947

found that this young man had asked to be put there for pro-
tection from the other prisoners. In his own words “I asked
to be protected from the other prisoners, because the other
convicts were trying to abuse me in the form of sodomy. I
came in from Huntsville and was put in a tank and immediately
I was approached by another convict who had a knife in his
hand and asked if I was going to be good to him tonight, and
I told him no. He said I would or I would be killed.  I
was then taken to chow and upon being brought back to this
tank, I refused to go back in. T
he convict keeper of the
cell then hit me in the eye with his fist and tried to drag
me into the cell. It was then that I asked to be put in
solitary confinement. I don’t want any of those men abusing
me and I am afraid they will kill me.” This prisoner’s name
was Marvin Brazer and he was serving two years for car theft
from Dallas. He had been transferred from the prison farm
namely, Darrington, where he complained of the fact that he
had been attacked on an occasion there at that place and
that he begged for protection to keep the convicts from killing

The inmate who hit him was E.F. Brewer and he admitted
attacking the boy and admitted it was none of his affair to
correct the boy. He just did it because the man was in the
wrong and that he had heard he was a “stool pigeon” at his
last station.

The Committee after further questioning and failure to
get anywhere due to the close[d] mouthedness of the inmates,
dropped the affair and went on their way leaving the young
man in confinement, nude, and without anything to sleep on
except a blanket. The Captain in charge of the farm assured
us that the man would be shipped back to Huntsville for re-

The Committee left this camp, having talked to few inmates
because they were in the fields working. The Camp itself was
in excellent clean condition. This camp was left at 3:30 P.M.

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Committee Report on Investigation of Penitentiary, 1947. Records of Governor Beauford Jester, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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