Hazardous Business
Industry, Regulation, and the Texas Railroad Commission
The Railroads Come to Texas
The Fight for the Commission
John H. Reagan and Early Regulation
The Oil Wars
The Power Years
Other Responsibilities
The Railroad Commission Today

Online Finding Aids

The following links enable you to explore some of the Railroad Commission holdings and other related holdings at the Texas State Library and Archives.

Railroad Commission of Texas, Records, 1836-1867, 1873-1885, 1890-2001 (bulk 1891-1996)

Railroad Commission of Texas, Minutes, 1891-1996

Railroad Commission of Texas. Commissioner's records, 1898-1901, 1906-1908, 1916, 1920-1966

Railroad Commission of Texas. Docket book, 1891-1898

Railroad Commission of Texas, Press releases, 1952-1983, 1985-1999 (bulk 1952-1983, 1985-1992)

Railroad Commission of Texas, Arkansas-White-Red River Basins Inter-Agency Committee studies, 1954-1956

Oil and Gas Division. Includes:

Correspondence and reports, 1890-1943

Original orders, 1928-1977
Special permit and Rule 37 case files, 1926-2000
State Tender Board transcripts of testimony, 1939-1943

Miscellaneous, 1932-1933, 1940, 1947

Gas Utilities/Gas Services Division. Includes:

Gas utility company annual financial reports, 1920-1996

Stockholders annual reports, 1963-1978
Director's general correspondence, 1935-1946, 1972-1979
Docket case files, 1920-1973
Special orders, 1952-1974
Audit files, 1974-1979

Permits screened, 1972-1979
Safety affidavits and reports, 1971-1978
Odorization reports, 1973-1978

Motor Transportation Division. Includes:

Correspondence, 1923-1954 <>
Enforcement and regulation records, 1929-1955
Transcripts of application hearings, 1926-1956

Rail Division/Main Division/Transportation Division. Includes:

Incoming correspondence, 1891-1942

Outgoing correspondence, 1891-1934 Correspondence and reports, 1888-1948
Annual reports of railroad companies, 1859-1867, 1873-1885, 1890-1996

Express companies annual reports, 1908-1949

Tariffs, 1890-1984

Special authority orders, 1894-1935

Application files, 1891-1971

Interstate Commerce Commission financial dockets, 1920-1952
Interstate Commerce Commission valuation reports, 1926-1927

Rate hearing # 1573 transcripts and exhibits, 1915

Doubleheader hearing, ca. 1900

Railroad history files, 1836-1996 (1850-1960)



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