Hazardous Business
Industry, Regulation, and the Texas Railroad Commission

John F. Shaw letter, April 9, 1934

In addition to high drama, the Railroad Commission dealt with issues of a more prosaic nature. In this letter, John F. Shaw of Atascosa writes to the commission to complain about the way that the Graybury Oil Company is handling the oil on his property. The range of citizen complaints was wide. One man from Hardin County wrote to ask if the commission could prevent the Roxana Oil Company from shooting off so much dynamite, as the practice had frightened his chickens and prevented them from sitting on their eggs.

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John F. Shaw letter, 1934

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John F. Shaw letter, April 9, 1934. Correspondence and Reports, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commision. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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