Pioneer Texas Architects - F. E. "Ernst" and Oscar Ruffini - 1870 - 1917

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""In the years from 1877 to 1900, the "Gilded Age" in American history, F. E. "Ernst" and Oscar Ruffini were part of the first wave of professional architects to practice in Texas.

Although both brothers were born in Ohio, they chose to pursue their careers in Texas, imbued by the entrepreneurial optimism of their era. Their legacy consists of a number of extant commercial, public, institutional, and private buildings and residences. 

A large collection of their drawings, specifications, and correspondence can be viewed on site at the Texas State Library and Archives. Representative examples of their work are included in this exhibit. For a full listing of available materials, go here for a listing on the Texas Archival Resources Online (TARO) site.




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