Henderson to Eli Chandler, May 2, 1846

Eli Chandler was a well-known soldier and Indian fighter. He fought in the Texas Revolution and in several of the forays between Texas and Mexico in the early years of the Republic of Texas. He was also involved in the Archives War, in which the citizens of Austin prevented the removal of the Republic's papers to Houston. During the Mexican War, Chandler raised and commanded Company K of Col. John C. Hays's First Regiment, Texas Mounted Riflemen, and served in the Monterrey campaign.

"Early Statehood "

Henderson to Chandler

Executive Department

Austin, May 2, 1846

To Eli Chandler Esq.


Pursuant to a requisition

from Brigadier General Z. Taylor,

commanding "Army of occupation," near

Matamoros, calling upon this State

for a volunteer force to consist of four

Regiments, two of riflemen and two

of mounted men; you are hereby

authorized to raise a company of

mounted riflemen, under the

following organization, viz;

1 Captain

1 1st Lieutenant

1 2nd do

4 Sergeants

4 Corporals

2 Musicians

50 Privates

It is desired that all will furnish

their own arms and equipments.

So soon as they reach the place of

rendezvous, they will be supplied with


You will use all diligence

in raising the company; the Muster

Roll will be returned to the office

of Col. Wm. G. Cooke Adjutant General.

J. Pinckney Henderson

"Early Statehood "

Henderson to Eli Chandler, May 2, 1846, Records of J. Pinckney Henderson, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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