Sam S. Smith to J.W. Henderson, November 26, 1853

Much of a governor's time is taken with routine matters. Here, James W. Henderson received a letter from Sam S. Smith of San Antonio, recommending an appointment for a notary public in Bexar County, discussing a land transaction, and relating the latest gossip.

"Early Statehood "

Smith to Henderson

San Antonio Nov. 26th 1853

Hon. James W. Henderson

City of Austin

Friend Jim

My friend, Harvey Canter-

bury, understanding that you was the Acting Governor

of the State, and he being an Applicant for the Office

of Notary Public, solicited me to recommend him

to your notice, which I have done, and enclosed herewith.

If you have it in your power to grant the favor he solicits,

I wish you would do so, Mr. Canterbury is a married man,

and resides at his Ranch on the Caliveras Creek, a

portion of our county containing many inhabitants,

and having no notary nearer than San Antonio.

I have sent over by Mr. C.D. Lytle to withdraw my

conditional headright from the Land Office, as it

conflicts with Barclay's survey, therefore if you

wish to discuss this location you had better do so.

Crosby wrote me that I could lift my certificate.

No news of importance, Capt. Skillman has just arrived

from El Paso (Sunday 24th 3 p.m.) with an express to the

Quartermaster, we will have the news whatever it is

tomorrow, (Monday) I presume however there is nothing

of importance. We had a glorious time with General [Thomas J.]

Rusk, in San Antonio, We feasted him, Drank him,

Rode him, and I know we bored him to his hearts

content - If Old Sam Houston had come here with him,

he would have been well received, his enemies here

have dwindled down to a small number, few indeed.

Your friend,

Sam S. Smith

"Early Statehood "

Sam S. Smith to J.W. Henderson, November 26, 1853, Records of the Governor, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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