Wood to the Texas Senate, November 30, 1849

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Wood to Senate, Page 1

Executive Office

November 30 1849

Gentlemen of the Senate

The Executive has the

honor to acknowledge the receipt of a resolu

tion of your Honorable body requesting him

to inform the Senate under what law or author

ity he ordered into the service of the State

the two companies of troops referred to in

his message and his reason for so doing.

In reply he has the honor to say that in

May last information of a most reliable

character was received by him that the

country around Corpus Christi and between

that place and the Rio Grande was infested

by large bodies of hostile Indians who were

committing almost daily extensive depredations

and frequent murders upon the citizens of

that portion of our state. The enterprising

pioneers who were attempting to form settle

ments in that quarter were not only interrupted

in their employment, but driven for safety

into the neighboring towns in many instances

compelled to abandon their burning homes

and every thing they possessed.

It was at the same time known to the

Executive that several companies of United

States troops, principally infantry and artillery,

were stationed on the Rio Grande, but it

was equally well known to him that this

force either from its injudicious disposition

or from a want of adaptability had proved

itself utterly inadequate or unfit for the

purposes of protection. That such was the

fact was neither the fault of the officers

or men who composed the force, it arose

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Wood to the Texas Senate, November 30, 1849, Records of George Tyler Wood, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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