Janice Gillispie to Clements, August 15, 1987

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Anyone who reads Texas Highways magazine even once will quickly understand that Texans are extremely proud of their state and encourage outsiders to come and visit and see the wonders of the state that its citizens regularly admire and enjoy. From time to time, citizens wrote to Governor Clements to express their pride in and admiration for the beauties of Texas.

Few of them expressed their views as eloquently as did Janice Hurst Gillispie of Aledo did in her poem "The Beauty of Texas." Even those outside Texas can understand and appreciate the pride she took in her state. Note that there is no underlined "C" on the cover letter or the poem so Governor Clements probably did not read either of them. This is somewhat surprising because Clements had a deep interest in Texas history and was a great admirer of the beauty of his state.

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The Beauty of Texas - letter

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Courtesy William P. Clements, Jr. Records, Cushing Library, Texas A&M University.

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