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Allan Shivers

Allan Shivers

Allan Shivers was discharged from the Army in 1945 as a major, having earned five battle stars and a Bronze Star for his service in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor. Reelected in 1948, he became governor when Beauford Jester died.

With Jester, Shivers is credited with helping bring Texas into the 20th century. As lieutenant governor, he established more efficient practices such as appointing senators to specific committees and setting a daily agenda. Under his leadership, the Senate passed landmark legislation in education reform, a right-to-work law, and improvements in state highways and hospitals. As governor, he helped create the Legislative Council, which researches and drafts bills, and the Legislative Budget Board, which sets the budget for legislative consideration. Shivers was also able to secure tax increases which funded improvements in state services, teacher salaries, and road and bridge improvement. The legislature also passed laws providing for auto inspections, the expansion of the right to serve on juries to women, and the first legislative redistricting in 30 years.

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