Lyndon B. Johnson to Allred,

November 21, 1935

Lyndon Baines Johnson began his career as a school teacher and principal before going to Washington in 1931 to become the secretary to Congressman Richard Kleburg. To say that he took to politics is to understate the case considerably. In 1935, Johnson was appointed director of the National Youth Administration in Texas. The purpose of the NYA was to provide education, jobs, recreation, and counseling for male and female youth ages 16-25. The NYA provided financial assistance to students in exchange for part-time jobs as clerks or maintenance workers, and put non-students to work on public projects such as highways and roadside parks, playgrounds and schools, recreational parks, and public buildings all over Texas. The NYA helped more than 175,000 students finish their education, and employed 75,000 non-students before the program ended during World War II. The results of their work can still be seen in many places in Texas today.

In 1937, the incumbent congressman of the Tenth Congressional District in Austin died, and young Lyndon Johnson was elected to replace him. A legendary political career was underway.

"The Politics of Personality"

LBJ to Allred

"The Politics of Personality"

Lyndon B. Johnson to Allred, November 21, 1935, Records of James V Allred, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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