Hogg to John Dix, August 27, 1891

Drought has always been a problem in Texas. Beginning in the early 1890s, Texans began to experiment with "rainmaking" techniques. In 1891, General Robert St. George Dyrenforth used explosive balloons and artillery to try to make rainclouds develop in Midland. Congress and the Department of Agriculture paid for the experiments, which were inconclusive.

In 1892, the rainmakers tried their hand in El Paso, the King Ranch in South Texas, and Camp Farwell near San Antonio, with little result. The experiment had ended in failure.

Governor Hogg, ever interested in progress on all fronts, here makes plans to see the rainmaking for himself.

"Texas Rising "

Hogg to Dix

P.S. Since dictating the above

I learn that Gen'l Dyrenforth has

returned to Washington. I have

therefore this day telegraphed

Gen'l Rusk, Sec. Agriculture, with

the view of getting the experiment

made in SW Texas.


"Texas Rising "

Hogg to John Dix, August 27, 1891, Records of James Stephen Hogg, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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