Donald Campbell to Pease, August 25, 1868

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Campbell to Pease, page 2

town. Yelling and shooting and all manner of things

were done to alarm loyal men and freedmen. It

was feared at the time that the troops would be

attacked and they stood with their guns in their

hands ready to resist them. But fortunately

everything passed off without injury to any one.

It is understood here that 300 of the expected

troops have reached Marshall. If so, we may ex-

pect them here very soon. But when they come,

will it be sufficient if the rebels will be quiet u-

ntil they are withdrawn? This has been the practice

heretofore, and the moment the troops are taken away

they commence their devilment again. They must

be hunted up and punished. They must

be made to fear a violation and resistance of the

authority of the U. States. Without it, all will go

for nothing. Turning outlaws and assassins over

to the Civil Authorities amounts to their sure

release. They must be tried by Military Commissioners

the moment they are caught and dealt with as they


By last mail we rec'd letters from our

friends Judge Caldwell and Mr. Grigsly. I would

write them, but don't know when the Conven-

tion will take recess and fear they might leave before

a letter could reach them and in either event

they can hear from us through you. We will

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Donald Campbell to Pease, August 25, 1868, Records of Elisha Marshall Pease, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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