T.C. Bass to Hubbard, October 9, 1877

The border with Mexico had been a site of continuous raiding and turmoil for decades. Both the U.S. and Mexico had suffered vicious civil wars, deadly feuds over scarce resources were the norm, and outlaws and cattle rustlers crossed the border from both sides. In 1877 there was talk for several months of another war with Mexico. In this letter, attorney Thomas Coke Bass, an outspoken Confederate veteran, writes to Hubbard about the possibility. Bass would die the following year in Memphis in a yellow fever epidemic..

"The Wild West"

Bass to Hubbard

Sherman, Texas

Oct 9th 1877

Hon R.B. Hubbard


Austin Tex

Dear Sir


latest indications it seems that

our country has to to give the

Mexicans another thrashing and of

course we old Texans will take

a particular pride in doing that

work. It is unnecessary for me

to say anything regarding my

qualifications as a military officer.

You have known me too long for

that. I find then an a great

many of my old soldiers and

comrades in arms in North Texas

anxious to take a hand in the

war if a war must come.

What I desire is authority to

organize a regiment of soldiers to

be held subject to your orders

in case of need.

Your Most Obedient Servant

T.C. Bass

"The Wild West"

T.C. Bass to Hubbard, October 9, 1877, Records of Richard Hubbard, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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