Graphic text reads: Inclement Weather

TSLAC's Inclement Weather Procedures

Austin facilities

During hazardous weather conditions, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s Austin facilities, which include the State Records Center and the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building, will close if the Austin Independent School District (AISD) has closed schools.

This applies to delayed openings as well. For example, if AISD has a scheduled delayed opening of 10 am, TSLAC’s Austin facilities will open at 10 am.

When inclement weather prompts the agency to close during periods that the school district is closed for regular school holidays, (e.g. Christmas, Spring Break), notifications will be placed on the home page of our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. In all cases, voice mail notifications regarding closure or delayed opening will be placed on the Human Resources main number at 512-463-5474 and the main Reference number at 512-463-5455.

Liberty facilities

Similar procedures apply to the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center. If hazardous conditions in that area prompt the closing or delayed opening of Liberty Independent School District, the Sam Houston Center will follow suit. The local radio station, KSHN 99.9 FM will also be notified. However, please note that it may not always be possible for staff to change the voice mail message at the center during dangerous weather conditions.

Page last modified: November 2, 2015