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Resources for Adult Education and Literacy

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has partnered with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to expand library engagement with local Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers. The objectives of the project are:

  • Develop tools and resources
  • Facilitate training and technical assistance to libraries
  • Develop or expand library engagement with local AEL providers
  • Share best practices of AEL/library engagement in the state

This project forms one part of the larger TWC AEL Training, Resource and Innovation Network for Texas (TRAIN Tex) strategy, which supports professional development, relevant research, and capacity-building projects that can sustain and advance a robust system of AEL providers and workforce partners to accelerate the advancement of education and training priorities across the state. Coordination of service delivery with libraries is a part of the TWC AEL's Strategic Plan for 2015-2020.


Upcoming Workshops

Regional, full-day training for librarians and adult education and literacy providers will occur January-May 2017.

Attendees will receive the following:

  • Free digital literacy toolkit
  • Training in using the toolkit
  • Training to use TRAIN PD @ TCALL, the state’s professional development center for literacy providers, previously unavailable to the library community, and other online resources
  • Training in partnership development

Workshops will be held in the following locations:


Library Host


San Antonio

San Antonio Public Library

Jan 12

Richmond (Houston)

Fort Bend County Public Library

Jan 27

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Public Library

Feb 27

Rio Grande Valley

McAllen Public Library

March 1


Waco Public Library

March 7


Harington Library Consortium

March 30

El Paso

El Paso Public Library

April 7

San Angelo

Tom Green County Public Library

May 5 

Melissa (Metroplex)

Melissa Public Library

May 18

East TX

Panola College Library, Carthage

May 31

Registration is open to library staff and adult literacy providers. Register for a workshop here.


Libraries & Literacy Digital Literacy Toolkit

Click here to access the Libraries & Literacy Digital Literacy Toolkit.


Other Digital Literacy Resources

Mini-Grant Program (Closed)

The Libraries and Literacy reimbursement grant program is now closed. Libraries submitting applications before the February 24 deadline will be informed of approval/non-approval by March 31, 2017.

Connecting with AEL Providers

Looking for an adult literacy provider in your area? Visit the Directory of Literacy Providers, sponsored by TRAIN PD @ TCALL. You can also search by county or workforce board area.


Free Training for Adult Literacy Providers Available to Librarians!

TRAIN PD @ TCALL is the statewide Professional Development and Resource Center for Texas Adult Education and Literacy (AEL). Librarians providing adult education and literacy services may join the Texas Adult Education and Literacy PD (Professional Development) Portal, which provides free online training.

TRAIN PD @ TCALL is a project of the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning at Texas A&M University funded by the Texas Workforce Commission.


Adult Literacy Resources for Libraries

  • Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library is a toolkit created by the American Library Association (ALA) for libraries wishing to establish or enhance adult literacy programming. You can download the toolkit for free, or purchase hard copies for a very small fee.
  • ProLiteracy and the ALA Office of Adult Literacy, Diversity and Outreach Services are promoting the National Library Literacy Action Agenda, a resource to help libraries implement processes for institutionalizing adult literacy initiatives.


Need More Information or Want to Share?


Do you know of other resources or best practices that we could share on this page? Contact Jennifer Peters, Community Engagement Program Administrator, at jpeters at, 512-463-2214.

Page last modified: April 10, 2017