Tips on Searching the Texas Statutes

Full text of all statutes can be found on the Texas Legislature Online website at

How the Statutes are Organized:

The statutes are organized in broad categories called codes. The codes bring together ("codify") laws of similar subject matter. For example, all laws related to the operation of local government are in the Local Government Code, while all laws related to the operation of state agencies are in the Government Code.

The codes themselves are organized into a hierarchy of sub-groupings as follows:

  • Titles
  • Subtitles
  • Chapters
  • Subchapters
  • Sections (or in some codes, Articles)

The laws themselves are the sections and are numbered in a way that identifies them as a subpart of the chapter. For example, Section 441.001 of the Government Code is a section within Chapter 441 of the Government Code.

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Page last modified: March 2, 2011