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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) initiated the Family Place Libraries™ Project in 2015 to help public libraries address early learning with a goal of ensuring that all children enter school ready and able to learn.

The TSLAC Family Place LibrariesTM Project funds tuition for two staff members from participating Texas libraries* to attend the three-day Family Place Libraries™ Training Institute at the  Middle Country Public Library (MCPL) in Centerreach, New York. The Institute teaches attendees the core elements of the Family Place LibrariesTM model and assists them with the beginning stages of developing and maintaining a Family Place Library at their facility. Participating libraries can also expect three years of follow-up and support from the Middle Country Public Library (MCPL) following the training. Tuition for the Institute and follow-up support are provided through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

After attending the Institute, participating Texas libraries are eligible for a grant of $6000 from State funds to assist with the development of their Family Place Libraries™ program.

*Participating libraries are responsible for travel expenses to New York, including airfare and a rental car.**                                                            

**The Tocker Foundation has agreed to reimburse travel costs for libraries in communities serving populations of less than 12,000.


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