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How to Use This Site

This website is designed to give the visitor the experience of paging through the McArdle Notebooks, just as you would if you were viewing the notebooks in the reading room of the Texas State Archives.

Navigation aids have been put in place to facilitate this experience. On each notebook page, you will see arrows like these:

Left arrow      Right arrow

By clicking these arrows, you can page back and forth, turning the pages of the notebooks.

In many cases, a multi-page letter or article is glued to a single notebook page. When you first arrive at that page, only the first page of the letter or article will be showing. To read the next page, you click a button like this one:

Explore this item

Clicking this button takes you "inside" the item. Once inside, you use the arrows to move around, just as you do on a regular notebook page. When you are ready to turn to the next page of the notebook, you click the button that reads:

Turn the page

If you want to jump quickly to a particular notebook page, you use the jump menu at the bottom of each page.

The jump menu lists each item in the notebook.

Finally, if you want to see if one or both notebooks contains information on a particular topic, you can check out the Index of Subjects, and use the links on that page to navigate to the pages that most interest you.


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